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2022 KKD Dealer Management Seminar was a complete success!

DATE: Jun 8th, 2022
2022 2022 2022 2022 2022
On the morning of June 6, 2022, the Kincaid Distributor Seminar with the theme of "Gathering Potential to Seek Long Distance and Climbing the Peak Together" was held in KKD Group. Families of some outstanding dealers from all over the country gathered together to start the two-day agenda of visiting, learning, and discussing business ideas.
1.Training and empowerment to enhance the hard power of the team
Dong Xiaofeng, general manager of KKD Group, led everyone to analyze the current industry trends and opportunities, and released Kincaid's strategic goals and specific action plans. In the first quarter of 2022, Kincaid's sales performance indicators will grow against the trend and steadily improve with the efforts of everyone. It is hoped that Kincaid's family and the company can move forward with passion and courage even in the face of the economic lagging epidemic environment.
Brand means market positioning, and it means the precipitation of quality, technology and service. With the theme of "Innovation and Empowerment to Launch Onslaught", KKD Brand Director Li Kaimin analyzed the top ten pain points in the operation of terminal stores, and proposed corresponding solutions and solutions. Disassemble tools and analyze how to achieve terminal performance growth through refined empowerment. The number of dealers, operational capacity, and profitability determine the total performance of the brand. In the new cycle, the system of mutual empowerment between dealers and the company is being comprehensively upgraded, which is also one of the core strategic steps for KKD's continued growth!
Ying Zhichang, Director of KKD R&D Center, Hu Gan, Director of Yongkang Manufacturing Center, Xiang Jiping, Director of Wuyi Manufacturing Center, and Tang Xianqiang, Director of Fingerprint Lock Industry Department, respectively empowered Kingkaide entry doors, interior doors, non-standard doors, and fingerprint locks. , In response to market demand, product development direction, product advantages, appearance design concepts, product quality control and many other issues, it brought wonderful explanations to the dealers' family members. In terms of the development and direction of the product sector, we share product advantages in a more detailed and comprehensive way, and deeply analyze the core technologies and R&D processes within each product, laying a solid foundation for more in-depth customer service.
On the afternoon of June 7th, the KKD Excellent Dealer Management Seminar was held in Yongkang. Everyone spoke freely and learned from each other's strengths to create more sparks for the future high-quality development of KKD. The company's management team faced the complaints of dealer partners and humbly accepted and Find the current deficiencies, answer the questions raised by you, understand the real demands of dealer partners, and explore the future together!
The 2022 KKD Group Dealer Management Seminar has come to a successful conclusion, let us stride forward and continue to write a new chapter of performance together, looking forward to a more brilliant development of Kinkaide in the new fifteen years!

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