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KKD combat training camp ended successfully

DATE: Aug 5th, 2022
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From August 2nd to August 4th, the first phase of the "Winning Design, Outsmarting Terminal" Kincaid Kujiale practical training camp opened at the headquarters of Kincaid Group. The purpose of this special training camp is to improve the design ability of designers or operators of terminal assembly projects, precisely strengthen and improve the output level of assembly plans, and further empower transformation and efficiently complete orders. Terminal stores actively signed up and actively participated in this training.
Zheng Gang, Director of Interior Door Marketing of KKD Group, welcomed the students present at the launching ceremony. He mentioned that Kujiale, as the representative software of information construction in the custom home furnishing industry, promotes the improvement of the design ability and business performance of Kinkaide's terminal stores. The rise of the company will accelerate the implementation of the company's packaging strategy and efficiently link front-end design and back-end production. The company's strategic cooperation with Kujiale is also an emphasis on the development of the wood-made packaging sector. I hope everyone can seize the opportunity and benefit from it. ,learning success.

In order to better consolidate knowledge, the two-pronged model of "learning + practical operation" is adopted to convert and absorb the content of the lecturer and quickly improve the operation ability. The high-quality teaching has also stimulated the enthusiasm of the trainees. During the training camp, the terminal trainees closely followed the trainer's ideas and actively asked questions. The learning atmosphere was very strong. After the full "dry goods" are absorbed, the students can complete their homework on time and with high quality. After the course is over, the company issues a certificate of completion to the students who pass the assessment, thus forming a closed training loop from lectures, coaching to assessment and certification.
KKD Group has strategically cooperated with Kujiale to improve the complex process constraints, material constraints and model quotations in the company's corporate library to ensure that all models are generated in strict accordance with Kincaid's product process, thereby promoting the digitalization of Kincaid products and helping designers Quickly generate pictures, improve the design ability and design convenience of the terminal, turn user needs into intuitive renderings, realize what you see is what you get at home, and allow users to fully experience the professional and humanized services of the store.
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