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The new development stage of KKD GROUP in 2024

DATE: Mar 2nd, 2024
dragon year dragon year dragon year dragon year dragon year dragon year dragon year

February 24, 2024 is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, which is also the Lantern Festival and the start working day of KKD GROUP in 2024. At 8:18 a.m, the first salute shot into the sky, kicking off the new beginnings of the KKD Groupin 2024

Keep your original intention and start again. Chen Lixin, chairman of KKD Group, delivered a speech. In the new year, KKD will continue to make solid progress towards high-quality development. 2024 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which coincides with KKD’s 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony. At this important turning point, I hope that All KKD family members can continue to move forward with determination, work hard, be customer-centric, and provide more professional services and better products. In 2024, we will be eager to move forward and join hands in a new journey. We look forward to KKD's performance this year. Like a dragon flying and leaping, the blue clouds are rising straight up!

In the light drizzle, the sound of firecrackers can be heard. Water is the innate wealth of the heaven and earth, and wealth falls from the sky, which means that KKD's business will be booming in 2024, with a prosperous career and abundant financial resources. The KKD family members all dressed up in formal attire and celebrated the NEW BEGINNING OF 2024 with a high and full attitude. New year red envelope is also indispensable. Sending red envelopes has the meaning of conveying good luck. If you have a dragon, you will be successful, and if you work hard, you will succeed. KKD  hopes Every employee can have great luck and make a fortune in the Year of the Dragon!

Dragon lanterns entered the factory amid the loud music of drums, and they walked around the door twice, burning incense and praying in front of the incense table, offering sacrifices to heaven and earth, and inviting the God of Wealth. Suddenly, firecrackers blasted, gongs, cymbals, and clangs greeted all the way to the factory. , firecrackers are set off along the way, accompanied by the roar of machines, which means that KKD Group will have prosperous business and abundant financial resources in 2024, and everything will go well with prosperity.

New year, new journey, gather strength and start again!

Wish all KKD people in 2024

The dragon is moving, the future is bright, the life is bright, and the career is bright!

Gather momentum and strive together to forge ahead on a new journey!

Show off your ambitions and reach the peak with full firepower!
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