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KKD Smart Door won the futuristic tech Innovation Model Award

DATE: Jul 25th, 2022
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A wonderful presentation was held on July 23 at the Hefei Station of the Jincai Supply Chain Cooperation Conference hosted by Youcai Platform. Focusing on innovation in regional state-owned enterprise supply chain management, 14 high-quality suppliers presented futuristic tech, and more than 100 procurement requirements were released by 22 real estate companies.

In order to promote the cooperation of high-quality suppliers, service providers and brand real estate enterprises to create information channels. KKD as a representative of supply chain enterprises, was invited to conduct a  futuristic tech competition. With smart security doors, KKD stood out from 14 competition enterprises and won this competition The conference's "Looking for the Real Estate Supply Chain futuristic tech Innovation Model Award".

With the rapid development of high-tech and intelligent technologies, the new generation of consumers have a strong demand for an intelligent ecological chain of the interconnection of all things.  At the meeting, KKD's Marketing Director, Yang Yuyou, shared that the entrance door is the first step in entering the home. KKD uses the idea of making mobile phones and integrates technology to redo traditional doors and embrace 21st century technologies.
By joining hands with the leading Internet ecological chain technology company, KKD adopts an integrated design and integrates 7 major systems to break the use of the entrance door, including entrance, nursing, visual, induction and voice systems. This APP multiple encryption system realizes one-door openings and intelligent interconnection of the  whole house.

KKD has won the top 500 real estate strategic cooperation brands for many years. In March this year, all 6 categories were shortlisted for the top 500 real estate suppliers' preferred brands, highlighting the company's leading comprehensive strength in door industry integration.

This time, KKD's smart door won the model award of  futuristic tech  innovation in the real estate supply chain, which reflects KKD's forward-looking vision and lays out a new track for smart doors. In the future, we will continue to give full play to the advantages of our own R&D talents, focus on product technology innovation, take smart doors as a new focus, and continue to promote the efficient connection between intelligence and industry!

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