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KKD Yunrui Wisdom Door Live Tasting Conference ended successfully

DATE: Dec 17th, 2022
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  On December 15, 2022, KKD held a live tasting meeting of Yunrui Wisdom Gate. Chen Lixin, Chairman of KKD Group, and Mr. Huo, the co-founder of Smart Door R&D, came to the scene and took everyone to experience the comfort and convenience that technology and beautiful Yunrui Smart Door can bring to our lives.
  In 2022, under the influence of the pandemic environment, the smart home industry will continue to be impacted. It is of far-reaching strategic significance that KKD chose to launch Yunrui Smart Gate at this opportunity. Mr. Chen mentioned that only by improving its own ability to resist risks and building new growth engines and driving forces for development can it solve existing problems on KKDs layout and occupation of the new smart track, with the idea of making mobile phones, using technology to make traditional doors again.
  Mr. Huo, the co-founder of Yunrui Smart Gate R&D, has 16 years of experience in research and development of smart products. He introduced Yunrui Smart Gate in terms of sustainable power supply, 3D structured light face recognition, Mijia smart product linkage, and information security from five major sectors. , hardware configuration and other outstanding performance. He also mentioned that compared with the current traditional door industry, Yunrui Smart Door has unique disruptive technological innovation characteristics, which can efficiently integrate the smart home needs that consumers want, and bring higher quality to consumers' lives. Safety and convenience.
  After the interview, Cui Gong, product development director of Yunrui Smart Door, explained the products of Yunrui Smart Door in detail. As a revolutionary entry door product launched by KKD Group, Yunrui Smart Door integrates 7 major systems including entry, nursing, visualization, human body induction, voice intercom, network, APP, and multiple encryption, with an embedded integrated design , simple appearance. It adopts a high-tech home entry system with an 8-core processor inside and more than 2,800 components in the whole door. It is a real high-precision smart device and the smart center of the whole house.
  The KKD Yunrui Wisdom Door Tasting Conference ended in a fiery atmosphere. As a product that can truly create value for consumers and bring greater convenience to consumers' lives, Yunrui Smart Gate has spent 20 months, invested more than 60 million in research and development funds, and 150 cutting-edge talents have devoted themselves to research and development. In order to allow consumers to realize the convenient experience of "one door opens the whole house intelligence", realize the win-win situation of users, brands and channels, and help the development of the industry to accelerate.

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