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KKD redefines the entrance door and starts a new journey of smart home

DATE: Jul 23rd, 2022
2022 2022 2022 2022
On July 22, the smart home industry chain special event of Zhejiang Province's "Ten Chains, Hundreds and Ten Thousand Enterprises" series of activities was held in Yongkang, Jinhua. This event focuses on the smart home industry chain, aiming to use the special event as a platform to strengthen the linkage between provinces, cities and counties, and the interaction between government, bank and enterprise, build a new ecosystem for the development of industry-university-research-applied finance, and inject a booster for the future development of the smart home industry.More than 150 people from the heads of economic and information departments at all levels in the province, heads of member units of the Zhejiang Smart Home Industry Chain Alliance, and representatives of key enterprises in the smart home industry, industry associations, financial institutions, and news media attended the event.
KKD participated in this conference as a smart home industry door enterprise,Awarded as a high-tech enterprise, a category supplier of Beijing Daxing International Airport, a top 500 strategic cooperative brand in real estate, a specialized, specialized and new enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a post-doctoral workstation in Zhejiang Province, a brand unit of Zhejiang manufactured products, and a top 100 taxpayer in Yongkang and Wuyi. Hundreds of honors.
In the context of the era of promoting consumption upgrades, smart home is a field with future attributes. As a postdoctoral workstation in Zhejiang Province, KKD will continue to give full play to its own R&D talent advantages, join hands with leading Internet ecological chain technology companies, follow the wave of smart home industry upgrades, and take customer experience as the core to accelerate the intelligent transformation of products, from passive protection to Active protection, from mechanical security to smart security, from independent individuals to the Internet of Everything, opens a new journey of smart home in the door industry and detonates a new wave of smart life. Using technology to change life is my constant pursuit of "door"!

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