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At the highest standard industry conference of Yongkang City, KKD won the honor of high-tech enterprise and Zhejiang manufacturing!

DATE: Jun 18th, 2021
highest standard industry highest standard industry highest standard industry highest standard industry highest standard industry
On April 17, 2020,Yongkang held the city's industrial conference, which has always been the highest standard meeting of Yongkang's "first meeting in the new year". Although it was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic this year, its clear orientation has not changed - industry is the foundation of Yongkang's development; the strong signal released has not changed - concentrate on industry, economy and development; create a strong atmosphere The circle has not changed! KKD was awarded as a high-tech enterprise by the science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, the Finance Department of Zhejiang Province, the State Administration of Taxation, and the tax bureau of Zhejiang Province;Made in Zhejiang with quality as the standard.
Jin Zheng, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, stressed at the meeting that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have consistently held high the banner of strengthening the city through industry. He hoped that the majority of business owners would take a higher position, strive to become an entrepreneur with pattern, responsibility, determination and integrity, accelerate the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system, promote the transformation of products from imitation to innovation, and create more enterprises with Yongkang label“ The first and the only are to make unremitting efforts to build an advanced manufacturing base in China and even in the world.

01 High tech Enterprises
High tech enterprises refer to the knowledge intensive and technology intensive economic entities that continuously carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements, form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out business activities on this basis. High tech enterprises are high growth enterprises supported by the state. KKD group has two kinds of high-tech enterprise certification. At the Yongkang industrial conference, KKD smart home Co., Ltd. won the high-tech enterprise certification again.
KKD technology research and development center has been adhering to innovation, energy saving, low-carbon, environmental protection, intelligent and information development mode. It applies for more than 10 national patents every year, and now has more than 100 patents, of which 10 are invention patents. Long term cooperation with Beijing University of technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and other institutions of higher learning, development of new technology, new materials, new technology, a number of projects won provincial and municipal science and technology awards.
KKD technology R & D team participated in the formulation of industry standards, including 《steel doors and windows》, 《steel wood interior doors》, 《T-shaped doors for building》, 《metal unit doors for building》,《ecological interior doors for building》, 《steel wood interior doors for building》, 《steel wood interior doors for building》and other national and industry standards.

02 Made in Zhejiang "Quality" word mark company 
Made in Zhejiang brand is a regional public brand created by Zhejiang provincial Party committee and government. In 2018, KKD presided over the drafting of Made in Zhejiang steel and wood interior door standard and participated in the generation of Made in Zhejiang standard. In 2019, KKD passed the certification of "QUALITY" made in Zhejiang. "QUALITY" trademark takes "high standard + strict certification" as the main means to build a regional public brand with high quality, independent technology, high service quality, excellent reputation, market and public recognition, which integrates quality, technology, service and reputation. It is the "benchmark" and "leader" of all walks of life, and is the pronoun of high quality and high level.
KKD, as a Made in Zhejiang "Quality" word mark company , will continue to promote the quality of products, adhere to the business philosophy of "morality first, build a good door", and continuously deepen towards the goal of "three good", so as to create a quality life and let consumers rest assured and trust!

03 Special intelligent transformation
In the future, KKD will adopt CNC machining center, automatic CNC engraving machine, electronic preferred saw, automatic glue spraying machine, build KKD MES system, realize the visual integration of workshop, and improve production capacity, product stability, product quality, etc. Promote KKD to realize information, digital and intelligent transformation, and optimize products and services!
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