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Deepen the "Three Services" and Win the "Two Wars"丨Zhang Jinshui, Deputy Director of the People's Congress of Yongkang City, visited KKD

DATE: Jun 18th, 2021
Three Services Three Services Three Services Three Services
On March 6, Zhang Jinshui, deputy director of Yongkang Municipal People's Congress, led the working committee of NPC deputies, management committee of Chengxi new area, tax bureau, bank and other relevant leaders to visit KKD to carry out three service research and help enterprises with higher quality and precision. Chen Lixin, chairman of KKD group, Ying Zhichang, general manager of KKD, and other senior executives warmly received the research group.
Zhang Jinshui, deputy director of Yongkang Municipal People's Congress, had an in-depth exchange with the enterprise management, and had a detailed understanding of the enterprise's epidemic prevention and control measures, employees' return to work, resumption of work, etc. Chen Lixin, chairman of KKD, introduced to the research group the company's door industry integration mode, industrial layout, three major measures to overcome the difficulties with dealers, and open Wechat public welfare group buying meeting, etc. He said that the return to work rate of KKD employees reached 90%, the company's overall management thinking to deal with the epidemic was clear, the development goal was clear, and the development prospect was generally optimistic.
Director Zhang said that KKD has done a very good job in resuming work and production, and the rate of resuming work is very optimistic. He believes that KKD can strive to complete the task this year. Finally, it is emphasized that enterprises should not relax in the aspect of epidemic prevention and control, take "import of external prevention" and comprehensive restoration of production and life order as the top priority at present, pay attention to epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and resume work and production on the other hand, and resolutely fight a good fight against epidemic prevention and control to ensure that "both hands must be hard and both wars must win".
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