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DATE: Feb 9th, 2023
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On February 8, KKD Group held a "Focus on Growth, Indulge in Going Forward" KKD Group's 2023 sales target achievement pledge mobilization meeting, KKD marketing elites gathered together to discuss the growth path in 2023, and forge ahead together at the same frequency. With a new pattern and new thinking, we will jointly start a new journey of focused growth in 2023.
Chen Lixin, chairman of KKD Group, delivered a high-spirited and passionate keynote speech "Focus on Growth, Indulge in Forward". "Growth" is the key word and main tone of KKD in 2023. Mr. Chen explained from four dimensions why Kincaid needs to grow. The first is the needs of customers. Only when the performance continues to grow can we create better profits and invest in better resources to provide better products, more famous brands, and more caring products. Excellent service is our greatest guarantee to customers.
Dong Xiaofeng, general manager of KKD Group, made a start-up plan for 2023. He started from the two major sections of strategy and marketing, and combined with the current epidemic situation and the trend of the real estate industry market gradually heating up, he proposed four leading products, channel breakthroughs, efficiency-driven, and mechanism guarantees. The big policy is to realize the core of Kinkaid's 2023 strategy - focus on growth, innovation and efficiency. On how to deal with the breakthrough of the consumer market, he emphasized that on the basis of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, we should continue to develop and promote the smart door series, continue to make efforts on the new smart track, and create a new value curve.
KKD, Director of the Brand Department of KKD Group, gave a report on the work plan for 2023 with the theme of "Focus on Growth and Launch a Vigorous Attack". He pointed out that in terms of brand empowerment, KKID has now cooperated with China Aerospace ASES, and will hold a signing ceremony at the dealer summit in March. The innovation, technology, strength, quality, and struggle embodied in the spirit of China Aerospace are all related Kinkaid's core values ​​and concepts are integrated, and the future linkage between the two parties will surely collide with different sparks.
The regional managers of KKD's entry door channel department, interior door channel department, and centralized procurement engineering channel department came to the stage to explain the 2023 annual and quarterly target work plans, from offline store optimization, new business support, marketing policy incentives, development and development The four major aspects of the channel decompose the implementation path to achieve the goal. All the regional managers expressed their determination to complete the performance goals. They signed the "Military Order" with high morale on the spot. Under the witness of the chairman, general manager and marketing directors of the group, they swore passionately. They will fight hard to the end and sprint with all their strength.
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