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The 17th National Marketing Summit of KKD was successfully completed

DATE: Mar 10th, 2023
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On March 9, 2023, the 2023 KKD Group's 17th National Marketing Summit with the theme of "Create a Golden Color Together with Aerospace" was grandly held in Dongyang, Zhejiang. On the road of development, witness the KKD Group signing the top domestic IP, the official cooperation door brand of China Aerospace ASES, taking advantage of the momentum, and jointly creating the glory and brilliance of the journey.
In the three years of the epidemic, KKD has been exposed to wind and rain, facing difficulties, consolidating its foundation and strengthening its foundation, integrating and strengthening internal and external forces. The longer it accumulates, the more amazing explosive power it will have. Chen Lixin, chairman of KKD Group, delivered a passionate speech on the theme of "Advancing into the Blue Ocean, Flowers Blooming on the Other Shore". Looking back on the 16 years of trials and hardships, KKD has overcome obstacles and hurdles. With unyielding will to forge ahead bravely, in 2023, KKD will take advantage of the trend of aerospace cooperation, the trend of Wisdom Gate track, the trend of cloud sales system upgrade, the trend of product innovation, the trend of education business, and the trend of digital informatization , Open up a new space for imagination and growth.
At the meeting, KKD and China Aerospace ASES held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony and officially became the "China Aerospace ASES official cooperative door industry brand". It is our Chinese dream to explore the vast stars and build a space power. In the future, KKD Group will continue to deepen cooperation with China Aerospace ASES, implement the aerospace spirit with innovation, forge aerospace quality with ingenuity, and continue to make breakthroughs in various fields such as product innovation, technology research and development, and personnel training, so as to bring more people a better living environment Life experience, contribute to the take-off and leap of China's aerospace industry, live up to the glory, and strive to realize the aerospace dream and the Chinese dream. At the same time, the strategic signing ceremony for high-speed rail advertising between KKD and Huatie Media was also a complete success, taking advantage of the acceleration of high-speed rail and aerospace to elevate the KKD brand to a new height.
2023 is destined to be the year of brilliant take-off for the KKD brand. Li Kaimin, the brand director of KKD Group, made the KKD 2023 brand plan with the theme of "KKD focuses on the magic weapons of growth, the Yitian Sword and the Dragon Saber". He mentioned that choosing to cooperate with Aerospace is not only due to the brand influence of the popular IP of Aerospace, but also because the aerospace spirit that includes innovation, technology, strength, struggle, and quality blends with KKD's core values. The brand-new visual main image screen co-branded with Aerospace and the Aerospace IP operation plan in 2023 will continue to increase the fuel for brand upgrading. In addition, in order to achieve better precise empowerment and help terminals, KKD Cloud Sales System 2.0 will meet you in a brand-new form. If you can make good use of this tool, it will become a great tool to improve the store's order value and transaction rate. .
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