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New Journey丨KKD Group has a good start in 2021!

DATE: Jun 18th, 2021
New Journey New Journey New Journey New Journey New Journey New Journey New Journey New Journey
It is time to work hard and make progress
Feb. 27th,2021
KKD Group’s each manufacturing base hold grand opening ceremony
Start new journey
Spread new hope
Accept new challenges
Wish new achievements

The presidents of KKD Group, Chen Lixin makes a speech:
2021 is the 15th anniversary of KKD Group, which will continue to uphold the corporate mission of improving the living quality of human settlements and adhere to the business philosophy of building a good door with morality. That is use our ingenuity and quality to create value for customers and realize value for employees! In 2021, I hope all KKD’s people will work hard and live happily!

Yongkang’s interior door manufacturing base
Wuyi’s security door manufacturing base
Wuyi’s non-standard door manufacturing base
We all have ready to accumulate energy and wait for action
In 2021, all people of KKD Group go ahead
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