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DATE: Jun 18th, 2021
Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity Internet Celebrity
On the left is the Amazon wooden door show room picture
KKD GROUP's newly built 3000㎡ brand exhibition hall is coming, divided into the brand hall on the 3rd floor and the wooden door product exhibition hall on the 4th floor. The first to be completed is the 4th floor wooden door and high-definition wood product exhibition hall, which will have a new amazing style.

Although the 2020 epidemic changes suddenly, there are often opportunities in the crisis. This opportunity is that the market structure will usher in more changes, such as changes in the headquarters marketing model, online live broadcast breakthroughs, effective orders for offline stores, online and offline Combining powerfully to improve the conversion and transaction of orders, KKD GROUP built a brand new 3,000-square-meter online celebrity showroom at this good time, enhancing the development of its own brand,   allowing customers to visit them to conduct on-site inspections and gain insights into product functions and features. 

In order to provide users with better product experience and service, the exhibition hall on the third and fourth floors of the new office building covers an area of 3000 square meters, including the full range of KKD products. The huge exhibition hall will really surprise you. The overall design is simple and elegant, and the simplicity is better than the complexity, opening a new online direct broadcasting window. Through interactive scene experience and visual effect, the product can express itself more vividly and concretely, increase the memory points in the user's mind, and realize the marketing purpose!

Product advantages of exhibition hall layout diversification
Entering the exhibition hall, you will find that there are different functional areas, product display area, experience area, brand strength area and so on. In the exhibition hall on the fourth floor, you can see the systematic wooden door products and the supporting light system. The advantages of diversified products are obvious. The wooden door + wallboard + standard cabinet + decorative line can easily render the texture of the home!

Preview of Brand Experience Hall on the third floor
The new exhibition hall of KKD GROUP highly integrates the three elements of interactivity, continuity and innovation. It enhances interactivity and experience in visual, auditory, human-computer interaction and new media, allowing visitors to immerse in the company’s history and culture, highlighting KKD’s completeness The series of products embodies the determination and strength to create technology and beauty, and become the true connotation under the shell of "science and technology"! 
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KKD takes the beauty of science and technology as the core.The first “K” is “King”-leading brand. The Second “K” is “kind”- warm and considerate. The last word “D” is “design”- innovative design. Reflecting the KKD brand spirit of rapid development through team cooperation.
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