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Lean Management | KKD Group staff and 5S excellent commendation meeting in September

DATE: Jun 18th, 2021
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In order to strengthen the company's standardized management and improve production efficiency, the company has implemented 5S work since March. With the great attention of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of various departments,KKD has achieved phased results through more than five months of persistence. On September 1, KKD GROUP held the 5S on-site management commendation and the staff meeting to commend the excellent employees and 5S management team in August.
Excellent staff in August
5S Best Maintaining Award: NO.6 branch factory-Ecological Door Workshop 
5S best team award:NO.10 branch factory——Armored door
5S Progress Team: NO.8 branch factory paint workshop
Backward team: Woodworking Workshop of the Eighth Branch
Outstanding team steel door factory director Tan Lianjie 5S management experience sharing

Firstly, the goal is clear, the organization is perfect, and the steady progress is made from point to area;
Secondly, the 5S scientific management ideas and ideas are applied to every employee of the Department in various forms to realize the joint participation of all staff;
Thirdly, the combination of concentrated assault and in-depth refinement by stages, so as to gradually implement 55 management standards and requirements into every work;
Fourthly, ensure clear responsibilities and breakthrough of key points;
Fifthly, daily supervision and department self inspection highlight the seriousness of 5S management.
Summary of 5S work of Xu Jianwei, deputy general manager of KKD Group

Looking back over the past five months, we can see every details in the process of 5S promotion, from never understanding, rejecting, passively coping to gradually changing our understanding and actively participating. We have seen everyone's change. "If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.". Production is in full swing in peak season. It is very important to promote excellent lean on-site improvement. Under the increasingly fierce competition, our on-site management is making great strides forward. All factory and workshop personnel are actively involved in the on-site improvement. We warmly congratulate the award-winning departments that have made phased achievements!
There is no once and for all thing in the world. 5S is a habit. The 5S summary and commendation conference is not the end, but a new beginning. The personal quality of employees is an important part of 5S work, and details are the key to the success of 5S. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

Speech by Ying Zhichang, general manager of KKD GROUP
According to the overall deployment of the implementation plan, the majority of KKD employees need to seriously study and understand the "5S" management concept. “5S” is not a phased work. We need to find problems in constant persistence, improve them in time, eliminate all kinds of waste, and improve production efficiency. It depends on people. We need to normalize the management of “5S”, persevere, consolidate the internal management of the enterprise, and grasp the basic work Good, strictly control the links of R & D, production and quality, realize lean management, ensure the delivery date and quality of products, promote the steady improvement of KKD and serve the market and users with a better attitude.
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