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Good news: KKD is on the list of "China's top 100 most valuable enterprises" with a brand value of 7.119 billion

DATE: Jun 18th, 2021
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The KKD group is rated as "China's top 100 most valuable enterprises in 2020" by China brand value research institute, China Industry Information Statistics Association and China Focus Network, with brand value of 7.119 billion yuan, ranking 90th. In 2019, the brand value of KKD group is 5.826 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 22.2%. Behind the honor, it is an important embodiment of the enhancement of KKD's comprehensive strength, which injects new connotation into the brand value.

As an integrated service provider of the whole house door industry, KKD is a comprehensive service enterprise of the whole house door industry, which integrates entrance safety door, interior door, armored door, fire door, villa door, aluminum alloy door and window, fingerprint lock and wall panel. Relying on the development mode of the whole industry chain of the door industry, it focuses on the strength of brand value with customer demand as the guide. KKD's continuous marketing actions in 2020, such as a good start online,  new hard core of safety door and solid wood silent door, KKD wooden door + partner recruitment conference and so on, are the innovation and breakthrough of mode, the upgrade of channel and the expansion of market territory. Online and offline dual channel power, project retail dual drive drive, continue to add new vitality to the brand.

Moreover, in the practice of the new development idea of "high quality, multi-channel, heavy supporting, and expanding single value", KKD always adheres to the business philosophy of building a good door with morality first. On the basis of full and accurate investigation of user needs, combined with the imagination of home furnishings, KKD innovates and creates high-quality, high-value, and high environmental protection products that meet the current users, so as to win the reputation of customers and create a brand value.

In the future, KKD will continue to adhere to its ingenuity, bring more new living experience to customers, further upgrade living environment, enhance brand reputation, and continue to create high-quality home decoration life.
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